About Baksa district:

Baksa is a district in Assam state, India. The total area of the district is sq.km. According to recent census the total population of the district is 953773 living in houses, among them male population is 484825 and female population is 468948. Sex ratio of the district is 974 females per 1000 males, and literacy rate is 69.25%.

Baksa district vehicle registration code is AS 28. Regional Transport Office (RTO) located in Baksa.

Electricity Tariff Slabs and Rates:

  • for connected load up to 5 KW - 1 to 120 units = Rs.4.95 per unit, 121 to 240 units = Rs.6.25 per unit, 241 and above units = Rs.7.25 per Unit
  • for connected load more than 5 KW - 1 and above units = Rs.7.53 per unnit
Important Festivals of the district:

Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid ul-Fitr, Bwisagu, Bushu, Me-Dam-Me-Phi, Ali-Aye-Ligang, Rongker, Kherai, Garja, Awnkham Gwrlwi Janai, Chojun/Swarak, Sokk-erroi, Hacha-kekan, Hapsa Hatarnai, Porag, Bathow, Wangala are the major festivals celebrated in Baksa district.

Baksa Cuisine:

Apo (drink), Bora saul, Garcinia pedunculata, Jolpan, Khardwi, Ouu khatta, Paederia foetida, Panta bhat, Pitha, Posola, Sulai are few of the many varieties of Baksa.

Top tourist places in Baksa:

Places of interest in Baksa:

Manas National Park, Manas Soushi Khongkhor, Moina Pukhuri, Bogamati are the major tourist attractions of the district.


Assam Tea, rice, rapeseed, mustard seed, jute, potato, sweet potato, banana, papaya, areca nut, sugarcane and turmeric are the major crops that are cultivated mostly in the area.

Railway Stations in Baksa district:

Insurance Companies in Baksa:

Lawyers (Advocates) in Baksa:

Blood banks in Baksa:

Trading companies in Baksa:

Hotels in Baksa:

  • Musa Jungle Retreat, Gyatigaon, Bansbari, Manas National Park, Po: Barengabari, Baksa BTAD, Assam
  • Musa Jungle Retreat, Gyatigaon,bansbari, P O : Barengabari,Baksa,BTS,Assam
  • Florican Cottage, Gyatigaon(near Bansbari Range Office),P O : Barengabari,Baksa,BTS,Assam

Theatres in Baksa district:


Sub-Division in the district and their information is given below.

Tehsil Population Male Female
Barama 49,715 25,201 24,514
Baska 118,572 59,835 58,737
Goreswar 159,383 80,733 78,650
Jalah 134,325 67,092 67,233
Tamulpur 152,851 77,792 75,059
Tihu 2,006 989 1,017
Banks and their branches:
Sno. Bank Name No. of branches
1 Bank Of India 1
2 United Bank Of India 1